Saturday, September 12, 2009


The Bench continues to totally not get it.

The creep shown herein had 44 convictions dating back 20 years and that was in 1995.

Of course, he's added to his honor roll considerably since then, mostly by supplying street boys and girls with drugs so he could have sex with them.


But here comes da judge.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Bruce Josephson found that while Neale met the legal definition of a dangerous offender, the judge decided to use his discretion and designate Neale a long-term offender.

"I come to that conclusion as I am satisfied that his age on release together with the options available under the long-term offender provisions are sufficient to reduce the risk that Mr. Neale poses to the community to an acceptable level," the judge concluded.

The good and learned judge's reluctance to declare this thorough miscreant a dangerous offender demonstrates the judge's total disconnect from reality.

What medications is he on?

Read the story and ask yourself what further proof does the judge need that this sorry excuse for a human being is in fact the poster boy for dangerous offenders.


Jeff Taylor said...

we as Canadians can (and often do) put the US of A down on a continual basis, BUT at least down there, they have the brains and the good sense to elect their judges. Electing judges provides the "people" a very simple concept that Canadian Judges DON'T have to worry about - ACCOUNTABILITY ! When will we get this whole judge - legal system thing right in Canada ? Maybe it will take another few thousand more innocent children being raped for it to hit home with our politicians ?

Anonymous said...

Yes a hearty here here. Elect judges. Also make parole boards criminally liable for bad decisions.Or eliminate them . Build bigger prisons , bing back the death penalty.

Ah a dream.

Anonymous said...

A hearty "Amen!" to both of the above posters! If it were one of the good Judges children harmed by Neale, you can bet there would have been a different outcome to this trial...but until it touches the elites, we're lucky to have the sentence given. Sorta. Kinda...