Friday, September 11, 2009


I caught about a half hour of a concert video of Michael Jackson in Bucharest last night.

My goodness, whatever else Jackson may or may not have been, he was for sure one helluva freaked out insanely sublimely talented performer.

My all-time Show Biz Hero is Fred Astaire, bar none and that includes Marlon.


Jackson could dance like nobody’s business.

So precise, so demanding of himself, so exact.

Thrilling in every breath and every step, and every break and pause and freeze.


Way too much has been made about his death and dying.

But I tell you, his Life and his Art were truly something else.


Anonymous said...

David , I seldom disagree and yes maybe he was talented but I just cant watch him. Never could. Not an MJ fan.

Jeff Taylor said...

Yes David, I agree with you. No matter what one thinks about MJ on a personal level, you can't take away his talent. It's so sad that so many stood by and even enabled him to destroy himself. What a waste - a pure shame. Same could be said about Elvis. Much the same story with much the same ending. Sad. So much more to give. Yet another life cut short by drugs.