Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have written several times in recent days about the racism apparent in the sleepy response by Canadian governments and police forces to the disappearance of over 500 aboriginal women nation-wide.

I have suggested several times that if 500 white women were similarly "disappeared," the country would be on permanent uproar mode.

Andre Picard, writing in this morning's Globe asks exactly the same questions I have asked, only better.

"Let's be blunt. The main reason an in-depth investigation is required is that the situation reeks of racism, stereotyping and discrimination. There seems to be a deadly double standard at play."

"The life expectancy of an aboriginal is a decade less than a non-aboriginal in Canada. The rate of infant mortality is three times higher. The suicide rate is six times higher. Aboriginal people have a rate of diabetes and heart disease three times the national average, and dramatically higher rates of infectious diseases like tuberculosis, HIV-AIDS and H1N1 influenza."

And very much more.

Please read the entire column.

It is a sad and honest revelation of the continuing inequities in our country.

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