Thursday, September 17, 2009


Health Canada.

Don't you just love 'em?

Determined to get the jump on the H1N1 pandemic, Health Canada has sent some goodies to a number of northern Indian Reserves, which appear to be much at risk.

Oh, look, a big box from Ottawa. Let's open it up, Mother and see what the good White Man has sent us, the Big Old Lovable Sweetheart.

Yes, there are sanitizers and hand wash, and masks and...and...what the heck!

Body bags.

That's right.

Body bags.

Nice. Thoughtful.

A number of the native leaders returned these handsome gifts to the front door of the Winnipeg offices of Health Canada.


Thank goodness we have this level of brilliance working for us.

And sensitivity.


Anonymous said...

Oh please, must we constantly have to walk on egg shells around these listerine drinking fools with their constantly hurt feelings

David Berner said...

I have published this first comment from the extremely brave "anonymous" to show what ugliness still exists among us.

This may or may not be the same lovely soul who wrote about 500+ murdered native women with considerable glee. I didn't publish that comment.

Aboriginals have much to be accountable for themselves and some distance to go in relaiinmg their pride and self-respect, but having an arm of the federal govenment send them body bags is way beyond the pale. It is cruel, stupid and malicious.

To characterize natives as "listerine drinking fools" is to demonstrate a meanness of spirit that is detestable.

Anonymous said...

Oh it so nice to hide ones racism behind the veil of Anonymous.

Hopefully someone will send him a body-bag and he puts it to good use!

ecrunner said...

I have to say, not that I would say it as the anonymous did, but the fact that extra body bags were delivered should not be cause for this big a rise in people. Being a nurse, I use body bags regularly (RIP), as it is routine for the treatment of the deceased. I fail to see how this is all that negative of a happening.