Thursday, September 17, 2009


Yesterday it was Mobina Jaffer, Senator, Lawyer and Heavy Biller.

Today, it's former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer.

Are they related? I have no idea.

Mr. Jaffer forever entered my bad books when, in 2001, he had his assistant impersonate him for an interview on a certain radio station that employed me at the time. His assistant lied, of course, and said that Jaffer wasn't aware of the subterfuge.

You could just hear the scofflaw laughing at his bum boy and saying, "Hey, I've got lots to do. You do the interview. It's on the telephone. They won't know whose voice it is. Hahaha..."

It takes a certain warped mentality to play with the perceptions of radio broadcasters and their audiences so cavalierly.

Well, now Jaffer is really in the soup.

DUI and cocaine charges.

This is a guy who used to run anti-drug ads in the local press.


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Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha and a Conservative MP as well. I guess harpo has a Senate seat ready for him as it seems he has the perfect morals for a Canadian politician.

God, he be right at home with our Premier Gordo.

Oh by the way I may or may not be the.............Evil Eye....... only my assistant knows for sure!