Thursday, September 24, 2009


Even the cops are now calling for an independent body to oversee and investigate police-related shootings, deaths and allegations against officers/


How long does this government have to wait before it does the obvious and right thing?

You have the job now, Kash.

Step up to the plate.



Jeff Taylor said...

the video tells the story - one man, standing around for hours after a long flight that lasted hours, lost, in a strange city, country, airport - lost. Nobody comes to ask him if he needs assistance (where are the video cameras watching that part of the airport ?) for hours. He begins to lose it. Can't speak english, probably very hungry, exhausted, thirsty. 4 or 5 RCMP arrive on scene. By then the man has a stapler in his hand. 5 armed, trained, rested, probably had a nice meal at some point before their arrival, minutes later the lone man is dead. 5 armed, trained, rested officers against a man with a stapler. Manslaughter ? Fired without a pension at the very least I would say.

Norman Farrell said...

These guys are stepping out in front because finally, change is inevitable. The curtain has been pulled away and wizards are revealed as far less than perfect. Now they want to shape the new process so it can be controlled too.

The police want to continue investigating themselves but under the "leadership" of a civilian, who will be, of course, a retired policeman. This is rather like the model used by VPD. When their officers shot a street person, they asked Abbotsford to "supervise" the investigation. At the same time, VPD was "supervising" investigation of alleged misconduct by APD. One hand washes another.

Remember when a civilian was appointed RCMP commissioner in an effort to restore confidence after the Zaccardelli disasters? He was soon owned by the inmates.

The police brass say that only police have knowledge and skill to investigate serious incidents. Frankly, Braidwood, Vertlieb and the Inquiry staff have destroyed that fallacy.

The new agency must not use investigators seconded from the policing industry they supervise. Independence, both real and perceived, is absolutely necessary.

Anonymous said...

David, without beating the subject to death (or tasering ) it seems that justice delayed is becoming the norm. The four murderers should be in jail by now. Just as the BC Rail scandal has dragged on for ever, these 4 cops will be collecting pensions before the investigation ends