Saturday, October 24, 2009

And from a Cop who knows...and cares...

David, I agree with you that this nonsense must stop. It's funny in jest but too sad in reality. When I was walking the DTES beat in the 80's, I used to joke about all this stuff, but low and behold, these kinds of idiotic 'programs' became reality, so I stopped joking about it.

The SIS was pre-fitted to create a crack inhalation room (shouldn't the science have come first?). Did you know that the new pieces of Brillo the addicts stuff into their glass pipes release toxic vapours according to the HR 'safer crack smoking' guide? I guess crack is 'toxins with benefits' then (like crack lung).

The drug policies are so gangrenous now that when I hear of harm reduction, I think of 'arm reduction' as evidenced by the plethora of recent amputations seen in this very sick addict population. Too bad there wasn't a drug to treat stupidity to go with your proposed HR quarantine room David. These guys are so far behind in their thinking that they actually think they are ahead. Can they OD on stupidity?


Jeff Taylor said...

Over the last several decades, there have been mixed messages from the police in the city of Vancouver. Everything from 'full enforcement', all the way to the other extreme of 'harm reduction' have been implemented by various mayor's (whom sit on the police board) and police chiefs. If you look back over the years and count the wasted time, it's not a wonder that we are no closer to anything even close to beginning to solve this decades old problem. Making it worse I believe were the years of federal Liberal party rule that saw these problems addressed with 'kid gloves' and through 'rose coloured glasses' rather than rolling up their sleeves and getting tough and 'real' with this out of control problem. Until everyone gets serious, we can look forward to more dead gangsters on our streets and the next generation recruited to use and sell drugs.

Anonymous said...

David, I wonder how much policy come from yhe mantra of change for the sake of change. We elect new municipal people way to often. Nobody should ever have an elected term of less than 4 years. To many new brooms .

Then there are the endless low level beuarucrats that realize if they dont have issues they dont have a job. So lets redo something, anything as long as it make us look needed. An all time favorite is education. Lets quit grading students, that way no one can fail. Lets pass laws like bike helmets and seat belts and cell phones and smoking bylaaws .The list is endless.

Then when they run out of money they creat unelected boards to creat new ways to squeeze dollars out of tax payers. TRANSLINK. This bunch is nothing short of obscene.No accountability and the power to bankrupt the public. All of which we as idiots put up with and pay for.

Then we put up with a justice system that is so left wing that the victims of crime suffer and the criminals have the right to parole, day pass, endless appeals.

Someday we will revolt against this stupidity. We will insist on tougher imigration laws. Flat taxes. Governments that build hospitals ,schools, prisons and roads.