Saturday, October 24, 2009


Christie Blatchford, as she often does, has absolutely nailed the story to which I referred briefly in yesterday's posts.

David Chen, the Toronto shopkeeper who captured a chronic thief and crack addict and for his reward has been charged with several offenses, has a family of four and employs 10 people.

"Prosecuting David Chen brings the administration of justice into disrepute and renders the law an ass. Giving a break to the very crack-addicted thief Mr. Chen was chasing is an outrage."

Read the whole piece and marvel at how retarded and twisted is our justice system.


Anonymous said...

Yes, twisted is the apt word. Some of the comments after the article were interesting as well. I hope that Mr. Chen comes out ahead in this matter - somehow.


Anonymous said...

The Crown Prosecutor should be fired for wasting the courts time and expense with this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

As we sit in our Canadian living rooms this is an example of the USA getting it right.

In the states this man would be a hero.

He is a hero.

Anyone that tries to prosecute him should be ridiculed from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

Anonymous said...

This man should be given a prize and the key to the city!! Whatever happened to honoring the spirit of the law and the intent? No, I don't necessarily agree with vigilante justice, but this is just foolish. He was doing the community a service!

Thank you Liberal Party of Canada for rendering our justice impotent and for making the crook out to be the victim of circumstance and for treading on those who are the honest, hardworking and positive contributors to society. Bravo, you did good. Not.