Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Headlines We Can't Resist

Bacon mom tells court cops treated her sons like criminals



Gary L. said...

Obviously the Police mistook them for someone else ............... it happens.
I am sure that there are no hard feelings.
The entire family's compassion and good heartedness always seems to shine.
I believe that is partially what makes Mr. Bacon senior, such an admirable Special Needs Teacher.


Jeff Taylor said...

and the other trouble surrounding this woman's delusional comments are that there will be some in our society that will agree with her. Why is it that so many Canadians are so quick to take the side of the criminal element in our country and not the rule of law ? It seems that every time someone is charged with plotting something sinister against Canada (ie; the Toronto 18) so many people won't or don't believe the Gov't and the police. I know that both of those institutions lack creditability these days, but please, use your heads people ! Even they get it right sometimes.