Monday, October 19, 2009


Homeowners ignore Olympic rental licence requirement

Only 47 landlords planning to provide accommodation for 2010 Games applied

When I read a headline like this one in this morning's Vancouver Sun, I do not conclude that Vancouverites are a bunch of scofflaws.

Rather, it seems clear to me that common sense has prevailed.

Since when should I have to apply to the City of Gangcouver to rent out my house if I so choose?

The licence fee in Vancouver is $106, in Whistler it is $300 and in West Vancouver the cost is $150.

For which money, I would get what?

A pat on the back? A good citizenship award? Olympic gold?

More like Chump of the Year Medal.

The reason that so few have applied is that this is a johnny-come-lately irrelevant by-law designed to accomplish...[insert your own mystery here.]

Now, having said that...

Am I renting out my house during the Olympics?


You know why?

'cause it's my house and I don't want some coke-addled NBC thrush gumming up my home.

By the way, as you can tell by the photo, my house is in Delta with quick access to the freeway and Tsawwassen and Ladner and the boats to the islands.

Drop by when you're in the 'hood, will ya?

p.s. Please bring milk. The fridge is on the fritz.


Anonymous said...

David: Did you read this article in the Courier about 'Home for the Games'?


Anonymous said...

the vanoc gang can go to craigs list and do a sting operation I think a fitting penalty is forfeiture of the property.

You loose your home and its sold with the proceeds going to Furlong and Pooles bonus cheques.

Anyone cught with an encycopedia that mentions the hollicost will be dragged infront of the olympic clock and shot.

We might get the next winter games available.

David Berner said...

I hadn't read that story, Mo. Thanks. It's wonderful.

Gary L. said...

I would take you up on your invite David, but I sold my 4x4 to pay for the Olympic Plates on my Yugo. Perhaps we will drop in next summer when your lawn should be a little less muddy.


Anonymous said...

(excerpt from the article)

Montgomery acknowledged homeowners can rent their home or room for top dollar and reap all the monetary rewards. But he questioned that practice.

"Is that the face that Vancouver wants to present to the world? A bunch of people just hoping to get rich off the event?" he said.

Might she not have said, "A bunch of people trying to get back some of the taxes they will be paying into the far distant future for this fiasco?"

Dave C. said...


Very informative article in the Sun. Turns out Gangcouver (love that one!) has a "housing policy planner" who revealed a hierarchy of punitive actions (starting with a politically correct letter and ending up in legal action) that will be taken if you should be so subversive as to actually rent out your own domicile during the Olympics.

Would this be the same housing policy planner who is responsible for finding housing for the homeless? Someone better warn any homeless folks lucky enough to find accomodations that they had better not rent out their place either.

Dave C.

Anonymous said...

Instead of calling it renting, why don't people just call it sub-letting? That's perfectly legal.

Anonymous said...

Great comment why would anyone pay a fee to have others stay in their homes, are the housing police going to be making the rounds ?
B.C gets scarier by the week as we must all bow down and worship the corporations, now shut up stop asking questions and get back to work