Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The Globe has a special section today called "Report on Small Business."

The lead story is titled "Ready for a Rebound."

All of which is well and good.


Unless, of course, you run a small business on Granville Street South between 16th Avenue and 72nd, where there will be NO PARKING in front of your rapidly starving business during a certain 3 week period next February.

How many times has the Premier said in public that small business is the backbone of the local economy?

How many times - besides Cambie Street and Granville Street - has he utterly ignored small business for other triumphs?

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Anonymous said...

Canadian politicians, think small business are those grossing $5 million or more; those mom and pop operations that maybe gross $500 thousand a year or less are useless, not worth the effort.

I mean they don't have enough money to bribe oh sorry David, support a politician.

Evil Eye