Friday, October 23, 2009


A man killed two women and injured a number of others.

He crashed his truck into a sushi restaurant in Maple Ridge. Boy, do those dynamite rolls pack a punch!

Keeping in line with our great track record in jurisprudence here in Canerda, Brian Irving was found not criminally responsible for his actions. He killed two women.

Apparently, Irving was in a "disordered" mental state at the time. His particular affliction? Alcohol withdrawal.

You can't make this stuff up.

By the way, did I mention he killed two women.

In Toronto, the top of the news wheel for to days now has been the story about the shop owner on Dundas in Chinatown who spotted a crook who is constantly stealing from him. He chased the creep down, caught him, stuffed him in the trunk of his car and called the police.

His reward?

The shop owner is being charged with assault and confinement and belonging to the wrong congregation.

The law on citizen's arrest says, apparently, that you and I can catch a thief in the commission of a crime, BUT just because we have video tape on the guy stealing from us 29 times in the past week doesn't allow us to grab him when he's just strolling by.

First, change the law.

Second, give this shop owner the keys to the city, our thanks, a citation and an all-expenses paid trip to Bermuda.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that it was our good old friend Lohrasbe that gave evidence for the defence. Apparently he has yet to meet someone who is sane.

Jeff Taylor said...

Actually David, at the time that this Toronto shop owner caught this 'waste of space', he was in the act of stealing items in addition to the many, many other times. There is a ground swell of support for this small business owner from across the city of T.O. It's now looking like the charges brought against the shop owner will be dropped, maybe a soon as next week. This shop owner should be given the keys to the city for standing up to this civil terrorism that so many ordinary citizens across Canada have to endure day after day, year after year. I guess what this story tells us, is that the industry that is our court system needs the business so better not keep the real criminals off the streets ! How will those country club memberships be paid for if there isn't as much work for these judges, lawyers, etc ?

Anonymous said...

Hey these petty criminals get HUGE press while the real thieves in white collars make off with millions and billions. Banks lose petty cash to the local bank robber and we seldom hear about the employee(s) that make off with the big bucks. And everyone knows how hard it is to convict a politician of their 'crimes'. (Unless you are a member of the 'Opposition' of course.) I sometimes wonder if the media love this type of story because it diverts attention from really important issues? ( Such as that useless front page story recently on the Sun slagging the education system while ignoring the BCRail trial and the lack of public notice of the court room numbers and times for the trial.