Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A network of half-way houses in B.C. has declared that the member houses will stop taking parolees who are part of criminal gangs.

This action has arisen in light of two recent assassinations of gang members practically on the steps of these houses.


I ran a "half-way house" (It was way much more than that.) for 10 years that is still running successfully and it would never have occurred to us to take into our family of men, women and children some psychopathic gang member.

Halfway houses have themselves in an understandable stranglehold. They are funded by various levels and departments of governments, and the piper calls the tune.

Nevertheless, they have always had the power and they still have the power to state clearly their goals and limitations.

Meanwhile the real onus here rests with Corrections Canada who should be smarter and simply not ask little non-profits in local neighbourhoods to do their dirty work for them.

Criminal gang member psychopaths who live and die by their own movie land code are not the same as some goof who got into trouble, did his time and now needs a place to stay while he transitions from the joint to the street.

Next time you're looking for blame about the shoot-out in your 'hood, folks, look first at the perps and then at the officials, who almost always get it wrong.

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Anonymous said...

A grade six boy in our school had an ambition to become a 'hit man' and Bindy Johal was his hero. It was pointed out to him what happened to Bindy. He said he was 'smarter' than him. And the gangs grow and prosper and the parents keep burying the collateral damage. Sheesh!