Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Mazel tov to Willard Boyle, the Canadian scientist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for inventing the technology that led to the digital camera.

This technology is not only a great amusement for millions of families and shutterbugs all over the world. It also is now central in astronomy and microsurgery.

Boyd's story is Canada in microcosm.

A Nova Scotian, he did his great research work at Bell labs in New Jersey.

His triumph underscores our continuing lack of commitment in real dollars to science and research.

We continue to be a B Movie.

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Leah said...

How unutterably sad that the best and brightest Canadian minds usually have to go to another country to do their best work. Why does our own government seem to see these people as not worthy of our support?

Congratulations Mr. Boyle, may your best years still be ahead of you! I'm sorry our own country didn't give you the support it should have.