Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Here's a headline:

Bill urges criminal checks for welfare seekers

Housing & Social Development Minister (and we know how much housing and social development he's given us) Rich Coleman tabled a proposal for new legislation yesterday that will require people seeking welfare and DISABILITY benefits to agree to a criminal background check.

Ah, yes, in a tough economy attack the halt and the lame.

Very nice.

I have a better program and I want to see a better headline:

Excuse me, but...

Of the many billions of dollars that have been lost in the past two or three years due to fraud and theft, how many came from bankers, stock brokers and politicians? All, that's all.

And from welfare recipients and the disabled?

Mr. Coleman and his boss, His Royal Meanness, need their collective heads examined.



Anonymous said...

Society needs a scapegoat to blame their ills on, as history has clearly shown.

So in BC, the 'elites' have decided the poor, the disabled, the mentally ill are responsible for the economic ills of this province, so starve and live on the streets and F*** Off!

This society cannot survive much longer.

Evil Eye

Anonymous said...

This obviously, will increase homelessness,anger,anxiety/mental illness, poverty and crime.
Shame,guilt,embarassement,low selfesteam,and parentless children. Who live grow up to be on welfare, and when they achieve,welfare 'approved' status, they will feel like they have acomplished something big.
Way to go,
fatass Coleman strikes again.

Anonymous said...

You know what, David? In my low-ranked job where I earn $21.93 an hour, I had to pass all kinds of criminal, credit, reliability, loyalty checks and endure an almost 3 hour in person security interview. Does our Prime Minister, Premier, etc. have to undergo this? Would they pass? Low paid, hard working, responsible, intelligent people who work hard to have a good character WANT TO KNOW!

Anonymous said...

Hey folks get elected and you can LEGALLY line your pocket book using the Legislature. $100,000 here $100,000 there and a Platinum plated pension, expense account and Whoopee!!!! THAT IS HOW THE GREAT GORDO KEEPS HIS MINIONS IN LINE WITH TAXPAYERS HARD EARNED $$$$$$$.