Sunday, October 11, 2009

really big ideas

RCMP to avoid Taser chest shots


You can't write material this funny.

This is a real headline in the Winnipeg Free Press and reprinted in the Province.

There's more:

"When possible, avoiding chest shots with electronic control devices avoids the controversy about whether ECDs do or do not affect the human heart," it said, suggesting Taser users instead aim for the abdomen, legs or back."

How about just play that famous parlor game, "Hit the Weenie!"

This week marks the second anniversary of the death of Robert Dziekanski. A death I call a murder.

Which makes this fatuous announcement an obscenity.


Jeff Taylor said...

this so called announcement's timing is everything. Think about it, the RCMP (especially in the Dziekanski case) are under a very bright spotlight these days. They've been caught with their tasers in the cookie jar so to speak. I guess now that they say that they will only aim at the back or legs helps me feel safer to hear this news because I was thinking about carrying a stapler for my owner personal protection while I pick my sister up at the airport next week. How low will this police force stoop to protect and help themselves escape the truth and bribe the Canadian public into ignoring the reality of what they did in the case of Mr. Dziekanski ?

Anonymous said...

David, I think you missed the boat on your reality program. Try this for a money maker.

You have the prize. The prize is daylight and a cab ride to the Bayshore Hotel. To get to the prize you must navigate through a building you've never been in before where no one speaks your language. Sounds tough eh? Well next you have to take on four heavily armed goons. They have bullet proof vests, batons, tasers and or course guns. They will or course have two options .One is to take you by the hand. Perhaps a hug. Then they lead you to your mom and send you both off to the hotel in a cab.OR they might choose to use deadly force against you. Kneel on your throat. Sit back and watch you die as the medics arrive to late.
You get an array of office equipment. Nothing big but it could all be effective if you were to have to go against small furry animals , blind guys or little children. A chance to pick up advertising dollars from Staples.
David, Ive got another reality show to watch with airport kill as the lead in. Lets call the next show Government cheats. This one will be so outlandish that we might not find a sponsor.