Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tiny Minds

The City of Vancouver, apparently with mot much else to do on a Tuesday, has come up with a new by-law.

If you run a restaurant here, your daily take must now include more than 50 per cent in food sold, rather than wine and other intoxicating beverages.

This is to discourage places from selling chips and BLT's while pouring out the booze in barrels.

This is to discourage so-called restaurants from acting like bars.

But lurking behind this idiocy is the simple fact that bar and pub licenses are made almost impossible to get.

This is a problem created by the very fools who are now rendering an even dumber answer to the problem they created in the first place.

Vancouver Councillor Raymond Louie has publicly defended this new nonsense.

Ray, you gotta know when to keep the head low and keep very still.

I'll have the Pasta Bullshetta and a small house red, please.


Anonymous said...

God haven't these twits got better things to do?

Obviously not.

Vision Vancouver are flakes.

See previous post re: Mass confusion.

Evil Eye

Gary L. said...

"Pasta Bullshetta" David, you've done it again!
Thanks for giving me a chuckle!!

Jeff Taylor said...

nothing like keeping Vancouver in the 20th century. Sad when a municipal Gov't has the power to ruin small businesses. Living in downtown Toronto as I do now, I swear there's something major going on in this city every week (and not just in the summer). And you want to know something ? Never a single problem in the 1.5 years I've lived here now. I believe I know why that is. It's because the citizens of Toronto are treated like adults, not brain-dead twits as it seems for many years people have been treated in Vancouver. Sometimes I catch myself saying "oh, that would never be allowed back home in Vancouver". I've learned to bite my tongue and simply enjoy myself at any one of the many events I attend. It's a nice feeling being treated like the adult I am !

Tony Wade said...

I guess the proprietors can just turn a bottle of red on the bill, into a Pasta Bullshetta for 2?
What inanity!