Tuesday, November 3, 2009


A girl of 12 murders her parents and younger brother.

Now, three years after being confined to a secure building in a mental institution, the girl may be allowed out from an Edmonton psychiatric hospital so she can go to banks and malls.

Her 'treatment team' is seeking such approvals from Alberta's Solicitor-General.

May the Solicitor-General have the good common sense to say, "Absolutely not!"

Or add a little rider: Each and every one of you nut bars on the treatment team will be publicly named and held personally responsible when this crazy person kills again.


Robert Brown said...

I would love to see a plus minus score for everyone responsible for putting sick people back on the street. After every responsible person list the number of murders that ocurred because they let someone out. Let them live with their decisions publicly.

Anonymous said...

Eliminate parole boards. Even the blackman fella got out and he killed 5 or 6 family members.

Either bring back the death penalty or life means life , you rot then die in prison