Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Program Advisory

The PBS television program, 'Frontline' features an hour long documentary tonight called "The Medicated Child."

In the Vancouver area, that can be found on KCTS 9/Cable 27 at 9 pm.

I have been speaking for many years now about what I feel is a public crime and con job by Big Pharma - the overselling of powerful drugs for the alleged "problms" of children.

This piece might be worth a gander.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really late responding to this. I watched the program. It made me feel ill, sad and angry. It is the same thing they were doing to adults in the 50s and earlier. Experimenting with human brains, minds, personalities, souls.... Oh, I could say so much here. Suffice to say I truly believe "they" were responsible for the death of a family member. On one occasion, upon entering this relative's apartment and opening the kitchen cupboards - where the "medications" were kept - one of the paramedics who had been called said, "Those Goddamned doctors and their drugs!".

So damn sad that now they are testing their "theories" on young - sometimes less than young - babies I would call them - children.