Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Canadian Soldier Coming in From the Cold

Do you admire the Canadian Forces?

Are you pleased to see our men and women in uniform on the streets?

More and more Canadians would say, "Yes," to both of these questions.

There was a time not very long ago when the Canadian Soldier was very much at the bottom of the ladder.

That perception and the acceptance that comes with it is changing dramatically.

Michael Valpy has written a fascinating piece today examining this shift and our "embracing of the warrior culture."

Particularly interesting was the following:

"Warriors were the centrepiece attraction at a black-tie dinner titled True Patriot Love held in Toronto on Nov. 10, organized by some of the city's super-wealthy with $750-a-head tickets and an auction that raised more than $1-million for Mr. Hillier's Military Families Fund."

Could that have been possible even 10 years ago? I don't think so.

Very few people want war.

Some do, but that's another story.

Few of us want war, but most of us realize the cold reality of a harsh and often hostile world.

There are real dangers and it is our necessity to have a well-equipped and honorable and honored standing fighting force.

We needn't blindly worship these men and women. Nor should we revile them or diminish them, as we too often have in the recent past.

One of the worst and dumbest faces of a week-kneed liberalism - that can only flourish in the safety and luxury of a peaceful social order - is the citizenry who scoffs at its military.

These comments are not a reflection on foreign policy or an excuse for not asking for the same transparency from the military that we demand from other government offices.


Norman Farrell said...

". . .citizenry who scoffs at its military . . ."

That's probably more myth than reality. I stood on the street, among the citizenry, for the Calgary Stampede parade. Parade participants with military connection were treated to cheers and appreciative applause. The spontaneous actions demonstrated ordinary people, from little ones to old folks, showed zero signs of scoffing.

Those who wish harm to individual members of the Canadian Forces are akin to the creeps who throw marbles at police horses: over the edge nutbars.

Dave C. said...


I only wish that our military reported to a government that truly deserved them. I suspect that economic factors had much to do with the decision to assist the USA in this war. We should never have abandoned our role as international peacekeepers.

Dave C.

Jeff Taylor said...

Well said David. It always hurts me to hear people, especially young people putting down the men and women (usually very young men and woman at that) that serve our country. I'd like to see those who speak negatively out on the battlefield after out Gov't sends them into harms way. They wouldn't last a day. Living in Toronto, I actually see the precession of cars containing the body of another dead Canadian soldier as they drive down Yonge street to the coroners office. I almost tear up every time.
Unfortunately there is real danger and evil out there in the real world.