Saturday, November 21, 2009

On the Dial

One of the best things on television these days isn't on television, it's about television.

So why isn't someone televising it?

The CRTC hearings over the dogfight between the broadcasters and the cable companies is a laugh riot and filled with great quotes day after exasperating day.

But Jim Shaw gets the award with the following addressed to Ivan Fecan, the president of CTV Globemedia:

“You're the CEO of CTV. You're owned by the richest family in Canada, and yet you've never, ever come and seen me … never, ever come to Calgary,” he said of Mr. Fecan, whose company also owns The Globe and Mail. “You can't even get your arse on a plane and come out and see me. Come on.”

Shaw has said that he is tired, very tired, and Konrad von Finkenstein, the CRTC chair says that he is sick.

Between them, they are sick and tired.


"Good morning, Sicken Tired. How may I direct your call?"

If they think they are sick and tired, try being an average popcorn consumer of Canadian Cable TV and paying a fortune for Seinfeld reruns.


Anonymous said...

Jim Shaw is right though.

We've gotten into this handout mentality, give me more, but don't ask me questions about what I'll do with it.

Kudos on him calling out the CEO of CTV. Who cares if you're tired? It's not like you're flying using your own just have to plop your butt into first class and enjoy a few mantinis on the way!

Jeff Taylor said...

Two words David, CORPORATE GREED. And guess what ? we Canadians get to pay the bill ! Some things NEVER change in this country.

Anonymous said...

This is a Fecan mess.