Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yesterday, Oprah's guest was Sarah Palin.

Today, a porn star.

Palin is everywhere these days. She had a "book published."

I put that phrase in quotes because it will be hard to imagine anything coming from this idiot as resembling a book, or that someone other than a horse trader bothered to publish it.

Did I mention that Sarah Palin is an idiot?

She is also dangerous.

The fact that half the population of the U.S. takes anything coming from Palin's tiny corner seriously is frightening.

This woman has never had a thought that wasn't lonely. She functions in cliches and shop-worn non-ideologies.

She is ignorant of most of the world.

Of course, Bush didn't have a passport until he was elected President.

How many ways can the central idea of democracy be misunderstood?


Jason said...

She should take her millions and exit stage right. Why anyone would vote for a quitter is beyond my simple mind.

Wake up, America!

Anonymous said...

"How many ways can the central idea of democracy be misunderstood?"

In a country the size of Canada, I would guess somewhere in the range of 34 million ways.

Jeff Taylor said...

David, great quotes and comments on this one !
I really believe that the 'love affair' in America with Palin is actually based on some very shallow concepts. Woman like her because she walks the line between being masculine and feminine. She's not shy to speak her mind (I know, she doesn't have much up there).
Men like her because to many men, she's attractive.
Some might say that my theory is way too simplistic, but remember, this is a country that voted George Bush in not once but twice.
David, you pointing out the fact that Bush didn't have a passport for most of his life, says SO MUCH all on it's own.