Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It was sad to see Tim Shields, the local RCMP spokesman, hiding behind a false claim on the supper hour news last night.


That's the mantra being used by the police these days when they want to excuse not letting people see what they have done.

They want to protect the privacy of the guy who died in their care.


Clayton Alvin Willey died of a heart attack in 2003 several hours after police knocked him to the ground, hog-tied him, kicked him in the chest, pepper sprayed him and used a taser on him repeatedly.

What the RCMP is doing in cases like this - and there are far too many in recent days - is misusing some one's right to privacy to shield themselves from investigation.

According to all reports, Mr. Willey, no matter how restrained or injured he was, just kept on fighting.

Now, I have seen such situations and they are not pretty and I can understand the police trying to do their job.

But the police have to understand that they must be clear and transparent and accountable to the citizens for whom they work and who they try every day to serve.

Show the evidence, gentlemen, and man up.

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Jeff Taylor said...

David, yesterday I watched a small part of the video of this incident on the internet. At first I was sickened. Moments later I was so angry. When in the hell is the Federal Gov't going to step in and do something about this police force (the RCMP) ? How many more dead Canadians is it going to take ? Maybe the death of an RCMP's family member at the hands of one of their own ? Maybe a family member of a MP from a Federal party ?
I DON'T care what the person did just prior to the arrest, when the person is handcuffed, they should NOT be killed - PERIOD.
Just like the YVR incident - 4-5 armed, alert, trained, (on just what ?) RCMP officers against a tired, stapler armed Polish man. Sickening, just sickening.