Saturday, November 28, 2009


Can you imagine anything more ludicrous and frightening than the thought of a border guard deciding what kind of speech you are entitled to give?

This, of course, is exactly what happened to American Journalist Amy Goodman the other day on her way to deliver talks in Victoria and Vancouver.

She was detained for over 90 minutes and her car, her notes and her computer were all searched.

The Border Holy Grail?

The Olympics, of course.

Not in the least concerned that Goodman might be here to blow up the Marine Building (She wasn't.) the zealous overseers of our mental health were obsessed with concern that Goodman might say anything negative in public about the 2010 Games.

Here's my worry.

When I attempt to board that flight in early February for Italy, will some uniformed geek ask me why I am leaving Our Town, dare I say, "Because I don't want to be around during the Games?"

Will Geek then say, "Sorry, you MUST stay here and enjoy and cheer and buy red mitties and other useless consumer goods that are only licensed to the few."

The IOC and VANOC, as we have said far too many times in this space already, have proven to be the worst kind of thugs, running wholesale over citizens' rights and freedoms all in the name of some vague international ideal that is denied by their very behaviour.


Jeff Taylor said...

David, the scary thing is that at the airport, you might find yourself on some kind of 'list' because of the fact that you have been speaking out, in a public form, such as a daily blog is. I guess you'll find out the day you are to leave for Italy.

Anonymous said...

No one ever expects an Olympic inquisition!!!

Anonymous said...

Hell, I think this incredible ongoing rain is proof they seeded the clouds to ensure snow for Whistler and local mountains. Last winter's snowstorms were a practice run, if you will. Don't laugh! I recall Beijing admitted doing something to change the weather or pollution prior to the summer Olympics. Anybody have that article? On another note, since when did a pair of little red mittens get more regular attention than a hardworking woman in her 40s? Just saying. Oh, and PS: those "fabulous" Olympic rings in Coal Harbour? There are just four. One of them is burnt out. It's hideous and tacky.

Anonymous said...

Now let us put to rest that Canada is a bastion of free speech and personal freedoms. Soon now, say anything against the Olympics, the clump of jackboots will echo on peoples doorsteps, where the Olympic Thought Police will detain you incommunicado, until the event is over, lest you corrupt the free thinking minds of others.

Repeat offenders - "Night & Fog".

BC, the best place on earth. If you are a member of the Olympic Committee.

Evil Eye

Leah said...

Way to go border agency!

Let's hope Huff keeps that bright light focused just where is should be - on the lying, thieving politicians, and their greedy cohorts in business. Lovin' it. But ashamed to see a very nice lady, and brilliant journalist was treated like a common criminal.

You could not have possibly done MORE to get out the message about just how damaging and costly these games have been to BC, and her citizens. Matter of fact, we couldn't have asked for better coverage than what we're going to get, for free. Thank you. (#&%@)@@!!!

Anonymous said...

Canada boarder service . They were as guilty of killing the polish tourist as were the rcmp.
As a trucker that crossed the boarder every night for more than 5 years here is an observation

US boarder guards are a highly trained group of police.

Canada boarder guards are a bunch of civil servants that have every envy known to mankind.