Saturday, November 28, 2009

Trouble in Paradise

Tiger Woods is to sport what Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are to business.

He is also the most carefully guarded and private rich famous man on earth.

Big news therefore when Woods takes off in his SUV at 2:30 in the morning and crashes quickly into a fire hydrant and a tree.

The story broke just before noon and both CNN and BBC News gave it non-stop coverage, BBC oddly enough doing a much more thorough and credible job.

Soon, the "Tiger in hospital in serious condition" report was changed to "Tiger has been released from hospital," for which we can all be thankful. No one I know wishes the man any particular ill will.

Now the questions remain and abound - What the devil was he doing dashing off at 2:30 in the morning?

TMZ, the gossip website, has already conjectured that Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren , were having a marital spat about possible outside liaisons.

Who knows?

The Woods publicity machine will no doubt offer an agreed spin within the coming days.

I know of no marriage that manages to avoid completely a speed bump or two.

If you're the most famous and richest athlete in the world (Woods is already a Billion Dollar Man.), anything you do will be photographed and written about.

Woods is an amazing performer and a joy to watch.

Let's hope that whatever private or public taste of hell this may be, that he and his family may move on in some positive way.


Gary L. said...

> Tiger Woods. Brilliant putter, not such a great driver.
End of story............


Gavin. said...

This is what happens when you're thinking about the next hole and not the one you're dealing with.

Martino said...

I hate to say it, but we need the TMZ's and National Equirer's of the world...

They seem to get the real story a heck of a lot faster than the good old media syndicates.

John Edwards' love child? Would have been swept under the rug otherwise? Tiger runs into a fire hydrant? There were a lot of whispers on the Intertubes that he was drunk (and it was being covered up)...I feel better knowing that it was just a marital spat that just went a little too far.

Jeff Taylor said...

I'm not sure if it is fair to compare TMZ to the National Enquirer. TMZ actually gets their stories from their video reporters that are 'on the ground' while the Enquirer get their stories from quote 'sources'. Any ways, the fact that Mr. Woods did more damage to the tree, the fire hydrant, and himself, and not to anyone else, tells me that it's more a private matter between him and his wife. Story over.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant comment, Gary L.! My concern is, if it's true that his wife scratched up his face and was actually chasing him with the golf club, hence his flight from his home, and the smashing of the golf club on the car (that was 'spun' as her trying to save him instead of bash his brains in), it means she's domestically violent and he's the victim of domestic abuse. If this is true, it's disturbing that when law enforcement officials came to see him, it was her who told them they couldn't come in because he was sleeping. Imagine if the genders were reversed in that scenario! The police would have pushed their way in to make sure the woman is okay. But then, look at his wife's face and body. That combo can get away with anything, even murder I dare say.