Thursday, December 10, 2009


That's the new number of former Canadian ambassadors and other diplomats who are lining up to make clear to Mr. Harper and Mr. MacKay that if you keep shooting the messenger, you might not get much mail.


That's the number and the position of Canada's top soldier who has reversed yesterday's testimony and now made clear that yes, a prisoner taken into custody was in fact abused by Afghan authorities.

What is so disappointing about all of this is not that torture and abuse occurred. That is to be expected in war, even if it may violate international understandings.


It is the hysterical denials and counter-accusations and POSING, POSING, POSING by the sitting government of the day.

Why not just face the bad news and accept that untoward things have happened and we are dealing with it.

We must be driven optimists.

We keep expecting more from leaders and the elected who keep impostering themselves as grown-ups.


Jeff Taylor said...

David, your point is well made and in turn well taken. However, the one thing about this whole prisoner issue that bothers me to no end, is how many Canadians from Coast to Coast, seem to think that in the heat of battle, everything should be nicely wrapped up like it's done on a episode of CSI : Miami. I wish all these 'Liberal' Canadians would take some time to search out a war vet and ask them what the realities of war really is. Just like many other Canadians, I don't want the war, I don't like the war, heck, I don't even believe in the stated reason(s) for the war, BUT don't blame the soldiers for everything that's going wrong over there. They should take a moment to put themselves in the boots of these young men and woman. Living in fear for your life day after day, seems to me to be a little more difficult than riding the Skytrain to Metro Town to do some Christmas shopping.

Norman Farrell said...

Given international law, if Harper and his minions admit to knowing about the torture, they'll have to order their own arrests and prosecutions.

Torturing is illegal, lying is not.

Anonymous said...

David, Mr. Taylor hit the nail on the head. If any political party ever tried to govern with the transparency that Canadians expect they could stay in power forever.

Like Jeff said even though I dont agree with any aspect of this war I must support the troops that have been sent on this train wreck. If the gutless Harper conservatives just told the truth about the treatment of POWs this story would have died weeks ago.