Thursday, December 10, 2009

Main Reason to be Scared, Truly Scared

Non, je ne regret rien.

No Edith Piaf, he.

But Gordon Campbell tells us that he has no regrets.

“You never have difficulty sleeping when you think you’ve made the right choices.”

His modesty is exemplary...and touching.

He means, of course, "when you know you've made the right choices."

Let's see now.

The Monumental Premier has spent billions on one road and one event, while cutting schools, libraries, the arts, social programs, and health care programs among others.

He has been consistent and insistent in helping the Big Guys and shutting out the little and the ones who have little.

But he has no regrets.

And he has no regrets.

We could line up on the legislature lawn and sing out our regrets all in a minor key.

But let's save the time and energy and simplify for the hard of hearing.

Our regret, sir, is you.

We will welcome a new administration whomever it may be and as soon as it may thankfully arrive.


Anonymous said...

Gordon Campbell is running this province as his personal fiefdom. The arrogance of the man knows no bounds. He lies with a smile and a straight face. His backers in the media, business, judiciary continue to cover his public and private carry ons. Here in Burnaby two of his minions have labeled our city as the "People's Republic of China". They must have blinkers on as Gordon is fast entering the league of Mao, Kin Il, Franco, You Know Who and 'name the dictator'. He says he sleeps well at night - I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Gordo may be running this province with a smiley,slimey face BUT his henchman scare me even more.
Richie in particular.
Always out in front, always shoving himself around.
The chameleon Gordo owes a lot to somebody.
Who is really in charge?