Friday, December 11, 2009


What would happen if Vancouver and VANOC and the IOC and the province all had the grace and self-confidence that should come with having that much power?

Perhaps they could find the chutzpah to just ignore little things that they don't like.


Instead they must go tromping around, grinding their heels into any little oddity that doesn't quite fit in with the Big Plan.

Our weenie is bigger than yours.

That's all it comes down to.

Case in point, the piece of art shown above which has been hanging outside a local gallery.

The city has demanded it come down.

The city has called it "graffiti."

The decision maker here on what is art and what is graffiti is a nameless, faceless city inspector.

We pay this boob's salary.

How about inspecting farm vehicles with 17 worker-passengers and no seat belts? [SEE BELOW]

Now, this is odd behaviour from the City of Vancouver because Mayor Gregor Robertson has publicly declared that the city's “commitment has always been the protection of people's Charter Rights and Freedoms.”

O.K. Gregor.

Get on your bike.

Go down to your favorite 'hood, the DTES, and put the painting back on the wall.

The mid-town sillies are so busy celebrating the past ( A hint of Woodward's old food floor has returned to the new re-development. Man, you would think this was the only city in the world that had a big old food department downtown.) that they are not noticing the present and the future being sold for a down-hill run.


Anonymous said...

I guess the IOC didn't like the one smiling face.

Evil Eye

Anonymous said...

Who/what are the IOC trying to protect by asking that the image be removed? Their image? Fans of the Olympics? Do they believe their true fans would be that easily swayed against the Olympics? Are they frightened that the image might be televised, and then the whole world would know that there are people who aren't thrilled about the coming Olympics? hmmm....IOC - I think most people in the world are aware that there exist some people who do not bow down to the Olympics. If people are not aware now, take note IOC, as resistance is growing with each new locale you invade. The farce-like game of pretending that everyone is in support of the Olympics has been exposed in more Olympics cities than thinks your days are numbered IOC, and it's just a matter of time before the Olympics are obliterated or drastically altered (to simply celebrate sport, perhaps?).

Pelalusa said...

David, ancillary to this, I'm curious whether you're aware of the ongoing poll to shut down all Olympic events, starting with the one in Vancouver?

It was created after a bunch of Canadian Olympic athletes signed a petition to support what's going on in Copenhagen.

To "help" them out with their cause, clearly an obvious thing to do would be to ban all Olympic Games from now on, "until the planet's CO2 level has returned to normal". This is, after all, part & parcel of what these athletes are demanding, right?! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the Olympics.
I just wish they'd bring back the poetry and play-writing competitions, and make all the athletes compete in the nude.

Anonymous said...

Only in Vancouver .....Pity.

Anonymous said...

If only VANOC/ IOC would grow a pair. They should send the police into the artists house drag him/her out into the street and execute the offender infront of the neighbours. That might be all it takes to show the people of Vancouner that they mean business.