Friday, December 11, 2009

Scabby Parks, Shabby Leader

Writing in yesterday's Province, Ethan Baron has added fuel to my post of yesterday about the Premier's charming lack of regrets.

Something stinks in our provincial parks, and it isn't just the toilets

Liberals spend more on PR than people


Anonymous said...

David, the 23% of BC's voters who support Gordo, probably don't use provincial parks, so they don't give a damn. So what if the outhouses overflow, it ain't there concern.

Mind you if there is a problem with the loo's at YVR, before their flight to Hawaii, then they will shout.

We live in an age of self-centred, ego-centric greed, where the one who has the most money when he/she dies - wins!

In an era where the word "democracy" has been grossly overused, it is apparent that we do not live in a democracy, rather an autocracy, run by some of the most nasty people around.

In short, we live in an age where government protects and enriches its friends at the expense of the taxpayer. The rest of us are seen as mindless peons or thralls, meant solely to have one's pocket picked.

Sad fact is, there isn't a Robin Hood to save the day.

Evil Eye

Anonymous said...

I agree with Evil Eye, the Premier and his buddies don't use an outhouse at a Provincial Park. If they are vacationing in BC - they will be staying at a pricey lodge where he won't rub shoulders with riff raff like working class British Columbians and their families.

I remember camping in BC Provincial Parks with my parents in the mid seventies to very early 80's. It was affordable with a low fee for camping per night. The firewood was free. The campsites were well maintained and well patrolled by a Ranger. In the summer evenings, there were often educational talks by naturalists where people could congregate and learn about the forest.

I now have a young family of my own. I am very reluctant to take them camping to any nearby Provincial Park. Affordability is a factor - the camping fees have skyrocketed. What concerns me more is the lack of patrolling. I won't have my young family next to a campsite full of drunken louts who carry on, damage facilities and fight all night. All this and without a Ranger in site because most of them have been laid off.

I wrote to my MLA with copies to the various Ministers in charge of tourism, family, etc. The response - not enough money, too bad and so sad....

I guess if I don't have thousands of dollars to bring my kids to a private luxury lodge - we are just out of luck enjoying the beauty of British Columbia.