Friday, December 18, 2009

Disgrace and Neglect

Turns out that the Richard Colvin warnings and claims about the torture of Afghan detainees was only the proverbial tip of the berg.

Seems that the entire Canadian mission in Afghanistan has been without direction or clarity from the beginning.

The revelations now surfacing are shocking, but they shouldn't;t be.

Disarray has been the norm on this front, with no one in charge and assignments spread across numrous desks with little or no communication between funtionairies.

Read the whole mess and weep for the soldiers who have been treated with such disregard by bureaucrats.

Highly paid bureaucrats.

Faceless and highly paid.

Canadian soldiers have died because of the sloppiness of the command that is supposed to be standing on guard for them.


Anonymous said...

The marching orders came from the Pentagon!
Canada relinquished command from Day 1.

"You're either for US, or you're for the terrorists."

Anonymous said...

If politicians had their way the military would be bands, gold braid and ceremony for THEIR personal glorification. Guns, bullets and killing? Uh uh! Not on their watch. Why else the cheaping out on helicopters, tanks, equipment and ships? ( rent-a- weapon from the Russians, Ukrainians, Dutch etc. etc.) Why the 'peace dividend' of course. Soldiers? Not Canada. Oh yes we do have soldiers. Please serveand go in harms way but don't expect any thank you and if you get killed, maimed or whatever please disappear so as to not make we the elite look bad besides it is too expensive to look after your broken bodies and minds.