Friday, December 18, 2009

Hiding in Full Sight

Here was the plan.

Go into the high school.

Get the staff in the office to order all the students into the auditorium and then shoot everyone.

Then drive to the University of Manitoba and shoot more people until we get tired or the police shoot us.

The preparations included collecting guns, ammo and Molotov cocktails.

For this little piece of adolescent mischief, the 17-year old boy and the 18-year old girl have been given two years in jail.

Their handlers have already reported that while they in custody "they have made strides."


Now, let's not worry about all of that.

Let's have a look at this small concern.

Bonny and Clyde cannot be identified under court order, because of their age.

Even though they have been tried as adults.

I understand.

I get it.

I really do.

We don't want to identify young people lest their youthful indiscretions brand them for life.


I understand.

Like for stealing a car or giving their classmate a wedgie or for spitting on the sidewalk.

But do I not have a right to be protected from harm?

Does the state not have a solemn obligation to do its best to protect me from harm?

Should I not be allowed to know who these two sick lunatics are in case I run into them at Blenz shortly after they are released after serving way less than the two years because of time in custody, good behaviour and mandatory parole?

Arming yourself in preparation for mass murder is not necessarily what anyone had in mind when they determined years ago with nothing but goodness in their mistaken silly hearts that youngsters in crime should remain unidentified.

Excuse me.

I want to know the names and photos of these two wretched souls.

I want the freedom to avoid them like the plague, to run screaming from public places that crazy people are about.

Then I want to sit down with the law makers and the nut cases who think these two have "made strides" and have a good old fashioned jawing with them.


Anonymous said...

David, after seeing justice done American style I have an idea. Why dont we contract out the entire justice system. Think of the time and money we can save. No need for court houses, judges, bailiffs, parole boards jails you name it. We will save a fortune. Wok out a deal at so much per year. 30 years for the gangster. Thats real punishment. This young boy and girl could also rot in a real prison in another country that knows how to deal with criminals.

Its a win win. The Americans need work and we need a real justice system.

Gerry Verrier said...

David, what these kids need is a safe crime site! We all know Harm Reduction works!

Anonymous said...

The JUDGE wasn't convinced. Why didn't he stay with that? "Made strides" indeed! They showed *no emotion* when sentenced. I agree - identify them for the public's protection and watch them like a hawk when they are back out on the street (Yeah, I know - Won't happen). Guns from his grandmother's home?..........Jeez.