Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Justice, Twice Removed

Corporal Monty Robinson may not be the best poster boy these days for the RCMP.

He is known as the one who gave the order to taser Robert Dziekanski.

He is also responsible for the death of a motorcyclist, Orion Hutchinson.

The RCMP have him on suspension with pay.

Yesterday Robinson was charged with obstruction, but not impaired driving.

While Robinson may have considerable to answer for in the coming months, so does the AG's office in the handling of this case and the RCMP in its handling of the good officer.

The entire gruesome story is here.


Anonymous said...

David, do you wonnder how many times a drunk flees the scene of an accident and when the cops find him at home he claims to have just started drinking.

An RCMP that knows how bad this looks would have stayed at the scene. A lying drunk would try this scam and only a total moron or a crooked prosecutor would buy it.

Anonymous said...

It is mind boggling that the spineless greed at VANOC HQ turned a blind eye to this gross display of bullying from the IOC.
VANOC, or VOC as they are now branded, have hidden behind some flimsy point of protocol that the decision rests with the IOC, and have let these courageous women twist in the wind.

SHAME ON THEM. They should have stood with the athletes, with our Charter of Rights and with all the people of Canada, in opposing anything that would errode our rights as citizens - all for the benefit of a foriegn power, the IOC, who is forcing their agenda on all of us.

This ruling by the courts now places the rights of this massive corporation the IOC, above the rights of all Canadian citizens.
This is outrageous, and must be rectified.

VANOC should take a flying leap.

Anonymous said...

If there is any proof that there is one law for us and another law for police, this is it. Anyone else would be still in the pretrial awaiting a judge and jury.

Evil Eye

Anonymous said...

i think you need to read the story again.
The police recommended charges.
It was Crown that decided not to lay them.
The same Crown that didn't lay charges when a certain motorcycle guy shot someone just for telling him that his bike was loud.
Crown said that eye witnesses were unreliable!
I don't know what kind of witnesses would be better.
Crown in B.C. needs a swift kick to their rear.
Don't blame the lack of charges on the cops.
They recommended them, the Crown decided that they wouldn't win in court.
Two different groups.

David Berner said...

And I think you need to read my posting again.

I said that the Crown (the AG's office) was culpable here.

The RCMP are to be questioned about how they are handling their officer. Time off with/without pay, etc...

Anonymous said...

Sorry for some confusion. My comment wasn't directed to you about the Crown.
It was directed to the comment about there being one law for us and another for police.
I believe there is actually one law for everybody and the Crown doesn't uphold it well.
There are many drunk drivers who never see the light of a court room because of the same flawed reasoning from Crown.
Ask any MAAD member

Anonymous said...

The Delta Police recommended charges (the dreadful accident happened in Tsawwassen), the crown reduced charges from DUI to obstructing justice.

If the the law is applied differently between the public and the police by the crown it is defacto two sets of laws: one law for us and another for the police.

Evil Eye

Jeff Taylor said...

So what's new here ? For decades there's been two sets of laws. One set is for the police and the privileged, the other set is for the rest of us. As far as I'm concerned, Corporal Monty Robinson should have his badge removed. This seems HIGHLY unlikely since he's been involved in a vehicle accident where there was a death, plus, involved in one of Canada's most notorious police related killings (Robert Dziekanski) yet this guy still walks our streets. Is it any wonder that many, many, many Canadians DONT have faith in our justice system and the police ?
Why the mainstream media isn't all over this guy day & night, is way beyond my thinking. I just don't get this world anymore. I used to be scared of bad guys in alleys, now I'm more afraid of the guys wearing uniforms. After all, they have all the power, not the law abiding Joe or Mary's of the world.

Anonymous said...

Seems like more and more, a badge is also a get-out-of-jail-free card.