Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Next Thing

You think the Dubai World fiasco is scary?

Try this.

The fastest growing area in banking world-wide is Islamic Finance.

Sharia Law.

You want opinions about how thinks will shake out in the sand the next few weeks?

No problem.

There's always Zaher Barakat, professor of Islamic Finance at Cass Business School in London.

No doubt he is one of many.

In Switzerland, citizens voted to disallow more minarets to be built.

As in mosques.

This is a sentiment both understandable and clearly discriminatory.

If the Swiss voted to disallow synagogues, would I cheer?

Not likely.

Like it or not - and I don't like it, at all - there is a New World Order upon us.

Excuse me.

I am late for my Sharia Law class.


Anonymous said...

The future is very scary.
Canada's future too.
Or shall I say, North America.
any thoughts on the SPP...

Anonymous said...