Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Pressed for a bit of time this morning, I offer the following quickies:

1. The Canadian Pavilion at The Games will be built by an American company.

Doesn't that just summarize the entire mental set of an apologetic second-class nation?

Gary Lunn, the Conservative MP for Saanich and The Islands is the Minister of State for Sport and he made this MOnty Pythonesque announcement. He continues to be an embarrassment at the Hedy Fry level.

2. Campbell Land.

The Nelson Arts Council has closed its doors. The group lost $12,000 of its $50,000 budget when the Gaming commish cut its funding.

In CampbellLand we don't support local citizens at the coffee money level when we can spend billions of The Games.

3. O the heels of that dreadful de Havilland crash at Suturna Island yesterday, it is particularly galling to learn that Transport Canada's latest safety initiatives are an unholy mess.

How about an Air Canada plane full of passengers doing a "hot" refuelling? That means they are adding fuel with the engines running. Cute.

The story is terrifying.

And here is the nub of it.

Canada's new airline safety system has turned them into deskbound bureaucrats who no longer conduct hands-on inspections.

“Most inspectors do not even leave the Transport Canada office,” Christine Collins, president of the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees, told the Commons committee Monday.

This, of course, is exactly what has happened to the Parole Service and other government agencies.

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Anonymous said...

David, your mention of the lack of safety due to cut backs rings true in all modes of transportation.

Back in the 1980s we deregulated trucking. This allowed the government to bring in thousands of unskilled third worlders to drive trucks all over Canada. Competition drove the large carriers out of business. CP Transport, Motorways, Alltrans,Johnstons, The list goes on. I wonder if ICBC would release the stats on truck wrecks in BC pre and post deregulation. I wonder if ICBC would release the stats on the background of drivers involved in most truck wrecks pre and post deregulation

Well the airline industry has suffer the same fate and the sooner that the public accepts that in order to provide jobs for third worlders people will have to die. Money is far more important than safety. We once again have pissed away the work and tax dollars that our parents spent making this a decent place to live