Tuesday, December 1, 2009


1. That performance by New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees was just about the most impressive I have witnessed in a lifetime of watching the NFL.

I have been a deranged fan since the days of black and white TV and Johnny Unitas throwing to Raymond Berry for the Baltimore Colts.

Namath, Marino, Joe Montana, Kenny "The Snake" Stabler...the whole glorious crazy gang of them.

And I'm not sure I've ever seen a guy zip the ball with such accuracy and confidence.

Five touchdowns to five different receivers.

Of course, what this says about the Patriot's defense you don't want to hear.

Some Saints receivers were completely wide open and in the clear.

Anyway...if you missed it, you missed a classic.

And, because their defense was also superb , you have to watch the Saints (11-0) through the playoffs.

2. Oh, Tiger.


Yes, a man has a right to privacy.

But Woods, who has clammed up and dropped out of his own tournament with nary an explanation is shooting himself in the foot every day he maintains his silence.

Woods is no ordinary citizen. He is the richest and most recognizable sports personality on the globe.

His handlers might point out these small distinctions to him soon.

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