Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sshhhh! And Turn Up the Volume

Marcel Marceau - the world's most famous mime.

And VANOC's favorite performer.

Let's dig the poor fellow out of his grave and have him pretend to do practically everything at the opening and closing ceremonies.

Good idea. Won't that be fun?

Fun for everyone except Bramwell Tovey and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Kudos and Bravos to Bramwell who didn't really want to be the Sym-PHONY Orchestra de jour and pre-record their music only to have it be conducted by Milli Vanilli or someone rescued from the DTES.

Bramwell said quite rightly to VANOC, "Thanks, but we'll pass."

VSO refuses to play for Olympics

Vanoc wanted orchestra to let others pretend to play its music, conductor says

It's like the wizards at VANOC are going out of their way to embarrass themselves.

Excuse me for a moment, folks.

I have to practice my beloved routine of walking silently into an enormous head wind while wearing snow shoes and leading a 90-piece band of cute forest creatures.


Anonymous said...

Yes...I listened to Mr.Tovey speak about this - and he elucidated his opinions and thoughts *very* clearly. Good for him for mainting his principles!This VANOC nonsense is truly sickening. What nerve!


Anonymous said...

Remember that little girl who was um... not singing at the Beijing Olympics. It seems that the girl with the beautiful voice was not "cute" enough so that a "cute" girl lipsynced.

Just business as usual for the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

The provincial Liberals and Vanoc and the IOC. Two groups that could do so much good.
They could educate
They could help the needy
They could promoie amature sport
They could reward honesty
They could treat people fairly
They could address the needs of everyone instead of the rich and famous.

Sadly they do not

michael said...

David, the real "legs" in this story is the age-prejudice angle. No one really cares if the fiddle players sawing away in their chairs are the originals or not (or whether they added a few extras for the recording.) It is about Bramwell. He is older and not beautiful. Clearly not ready for prime time. They wanted some young guy with big hair for the visuals. Youth and beauty and screw authenticity. A metaphor for the whole Olyimpic experience. --Michael