Tuesday, September 8, 2009


For those of us who like to continue to believe that terrorism is someone else's problem, witness the convictions yesterday in London, England of the bomb plotters.

Three men were found guilty of a lovely scheme to blow up several airliners at once. Two of the targeted aircraft were Scare Canada flights, one heading for Toronto, the other for Montreal.

How kind of these lunatics to recognize our Two Solitudes.

The tools were things found around the house and anyone with enough time and hate on their hands could hatch a similar plot.

What is equally neat is that each of these horrible mad men were London-born Muslims. (There are now more mosques in London than Christian churches.) The dears took little side trips to Pakistan and Afghanistan for "training."

Credit must be given to the police agencies who tracked these fools and caught them before they could blow thousands of innocent human beings out of the sky.


Anonymous said...

Dreadful. Well, remember, until September 20 or so it is Ramadan which, to Muslims, means that the gates of heaven are open and the gates of hell are closed. Any violent act by a crazed follower of Islam will occur in this Ramadan period. (Just like 911) Please, please, please though: we have to remember that the majority of Muslims are peace loving, fabulous, and deeply concerned with a safe and healthy world. These guys are just the sick minority.

Anonymous said...

David, home grown terrorists exist. Adozen or so years ago I was in a crowd in a Surrey BC Location the day the USS Cole was bombed. The crowd erupted into a celebration. It made me sick to watch. Then there is the issue of airport and marine port security.WHAT A JOKE. The bunch of renta cops look like an ESL class on a field trip. Our imigration policies have set us up for home grown terrorists for many years to come. The brainiacs even got rid of the Port Police because the good people from the Port of Vancouver did not want to buck up. They make tons of money yet do not give a damn about the safety of the people of Vancouver. The Cannery is a security risk. BS. The Port might as well put out a welcome Bin Laden sign.

Anonymous said...

and in some areas 0f the UK, sharia law, IS LAWFUL!

diverdarren said...


While convictions are being garnered in the UK against terrorists, here in Canada our response to the threat of terror is to loosen our security. Richard Reid "the shoe bomber" nearly blew a plane out of the sky. Luckily for the nice people aboard Richard was a sweaty Muslim radical and soaked the fuse so he couldn't light it. After that we all took are shoes off to be x-rayed. A simple precaution to a real threat. But as time passes we forget why we took our shoes off in the first place and complain about the inconvenience. Now Transport Canada says don't want to take off your shoes, well O.K. Lets hope the Muslim radicals who want to blow up planes don't know about odor eaters