Sunday, January 17, 2010


I will be posting my blog all through the next week (except tomorrow, Jan. 18th, whicj will be difficult bordering on impossible) but, because I will not have my computer hooked up to my Shaw cable, I cannot email each day as usual.

For those of you who cannot get through a day without A Little Berner in the Night (And you are legion! Both of you!), please bookmark the url and check in:

The email version should resume next Saturday, January 23d, if my psychiatrist decides that am ready again for human contact.

It'll be touch and go, for sure.


Anonymous said...

Had to pass this on David -- we should all have attitudes as positive as this couple. Enjoy your Sunday.


Anonymous said...

David, what medical plan are you on? I would love to see a shrink. Hell it should be manditory at least once a year

Gary L. said...

My Shrink told me not to come back.......... I "was driving him nuts".


Anonymous said...

David, when you get back how about a blog on ICBC spending 20gs on cable to watch olympdicks. thats the Shaw ,what about the 32 inch flat screens.

What a waste of money.