Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Force Barks Back

Al Arsenault is a film director/producer with Odd Squad Productions Society and was a 27-year veteran with the V.P.D., upon his retirement in May 2006. He does not share the popular views on addiction and crime issues and he does not suffer fools gladly.

Hi David,

This news re the continuing status of the SIS is very distressing indeed. As I say, the rich get treatment and the poor get harm reduction. Why cannot all these learned researchers from the “Center of Excrements” come up with just even one single simple graph from the late ‘80’s to present showing the rate of change of OD deaths or drug-related infections that would prove their point of the efficacy of the SIS? Because that plotted line would skyrocket from a few % to the current astronomical levels. And yet they call it a success and the public is again mislead. This is nothing but shameful idealism leaning towards legalization passing itself off as legitimate research under a false banner of compassion. David you are so right on this issue of delivering real treatment instead of this sham of so-called Harm Reduction. All of the addicts in recovery know this. The active users do know what’s best for them- shooting galleries and free drugs leading to legalization. As you so well know, that is how the fiendish drug addict mind works. Some of the Harm Reductionists who know little about the dope simple brain, do not know that they are being mislead by the likes of drug users such as Dean Wilson, while the others are no doubt in the legalization camp, so they are merely letting the drug users suck in the public by making them believe that it is the right thing to do for them. As kind and compassionate parents, we shouldn’t give kids what they want (candy), rather we should provide them what they need (nutritious food). These addicts are being Band-Aided to death. Thank you for speaking out against this travesty.



Chris M said...

Even the rich don't get treatment when family members have been sucked in by harm reduction.
I know some parents who would gladly pay for treatment if their kids weren't so busy telling the parents that the SIS site will help save their lives-the kids- (one day).They're just NOT reaaaddddy.
The best addict con.
One day I will quit.Actually means( don't get in the way of me and my drugs.)
I sure would like to know why every system around seems to want to ignore treatment.
Who stands to benefit from addiction growing,flourishing and destroying people?
It appears everybody who is making a career out of trumpeting that it is impossible to get off drugs.

Gerry Verrier said...

It's interesting to note that with the one addiction receiving the most scrutiny and public condemnation is cigarette smoking. Cigarette smokers, who pay millions and millions of dollars in taxes, are treated like pariah and there is little association between smoking cigarettes and criminal activity (I'm not including smugglers since they're not on the user side of things). People who smoke and quit have the highest success rate without any treatment or interventions.

Yet, there's all these interventions for quitting using illegal drugs, the users are not typically contributing members of our communities, there is a high crime rate and public health risk associated with addiction to illicit drugs and yet almost everyone frowns on stigmatizing addicts as dope fiends or even expecting them to quit.

Our society is a mess. We now have Ignatieff on the harm reduction band wagon, and I'm sure it's only about getting votes. I'm not a praying man, but Lord, help us.