Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bang! Bang! You're Hitting from the Paint, Bro!

“We're grown men. We protect our families. We protect our homes.”

Who is this?

Some farmer in the Transvaal?

A cocoa grower in Uruguay?


That's the voice of New York Knicks guard Larry Hughes.

He is speaking about the at least 85% of NBA players who are packin'.

He is also speaking about Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas, who brought four of his favorite guns from home and stuffed them in his locker, only to pull them out the other day and point them at people for a joke. That's Gilbert over to the right.

Oh, I forgot.

America isn't a gun culture.

They are ten times bigger than us and therefore they have ten times as many gun "incidents."


Guns are an embedded and accepted part of American life in the same way that cars and chewing gum and Big Macs are.

Canada, so far, is different.

Thank goodness.

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Anonymous said...

David I hear in Texas its illegal to point a gun at someone unless its loaded.