Tuesday, January 5, 2010



To your knowledge or from your own direct personal experience, has one terrorist or even some buggy pain-in-the-ass been removed from an airport security line and detained or arrested?



I don't resent airport security.

I'm not in such a GD hurry.

I take the attitude that air travel, far from the occasional pleasure it once was, has been for many years now a nightmare.

You resign yourself to long waits at both ends of the trip and the claustrophobic gagging of being captive in a flying cigar tube for 9 or 10 hours with people you hope won't come anywhere near you.

What's another 15 minutes and low level radiation?

Hell, a skin search, a frisk?

That could be the second most fun I've had in weeks!

But, as Margaret Wente scribbles in her column this morning, airport security is not much more than "a show designed to make people feel better."

Ever since Mr. Exploding Jockeys was shlepped off that flight to Detroit, anybody who knows anything has argued - to no avail - that the money should be put into more and better intelligence work.

Who is studying mayhem where?

Who is paying? Who's running the camp in the woods?

Why wasn't Mr. Muslim BlowUpPants taken off the streets months ago?

I have a few air excursions on tap in the coming weeks.

If I can be promised the full body scan, I think I'll wear my most provocative undies and smile seductively.


Anonymous said...

David, it's my contention that what Al Queda is waging is an economic war. A shoe bomber or jockey short bomber every few months will cause more economic damage in the long term than an actual real bombing.

Compare the number of airliners that crashed for non terrorist activities to the number that crashed due to terrorist action.

In 2009 there was 24 air crash/incidents, with only two: the CanJet Flight 918, in Jamaica and the Dec. 25 -Northwest Airlines Flight 253 being reported as a terror incident.

In both cases, there were no injuries.

Evil Eye

Anonymous said...

My biggest concern now? The "tampon bomber." Can the scanning machine see that much? Somebody tell me quick because if it can, women will either stop travelling alltogether to preserve what little dignity they have left, or else the price of Kotex pads will skyrocket.

esspee said...

Ooooh David, make sure to share the scan of you in your thong with your loyal followers.