Saturday, January 23, 2010


The whole Olympic movement needs to take a pill.

Just relax, fellas.

Stop trying to own the world and run it.

Others have a right to live and breathe.

Like the Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance, for example.

This is the group that works with people who are born with heart defects.

My mother - may she rest in peace - was such a person.

The poor old Alliance has made the unforgivable sin of having for many years now a logo with a hand holding a small torch.

The flame of the torch is in the shape of a heart.

OK, so far?

Not if you are the Canadian Olympic Committee, who never saw a sleeping dog it could let lie.

Oh, no.

COC has got to rise up and make demands and threats.

Bully much?

A billion dollar party team gangs up on a long-existing, small non-profit society that struggles daily for money and provides life-saving responses for people with critical health problems.

COC needs to drop the viagra and take up all that methadone that's lying around.


Anonymous said...

David, I cant believe that in 20 days this fiasco will begin. I can not think of one good thing that will come from this party but "they" keep telling me that once that torch is in my sight Im going to swoon and become over whelmed with olympdick spirit.
They say that the rest of Canada is more supportive than we in BC are. I guess so. If this party for the rich and famous was taking place in Labrador I could be more supportive.We in BC will have to watch as IOC elite cruise by in IOC only lanes. Smoking in their volunteer driven limos..
No one could have predicted that this party was going to end up as a centerpiece for a global economic collapse . The excess of this huge waste of time and money should be something all can be proud of. As your trekking a few kilometers from the bus to your olympdick venue be consoled by the fact that at the end of a day of walking in the warm BC mountains you still have a roof over your brain dead head when you go to sleep that night. Unlike the people of Haiti.
Perhaps at every venue thy can take up two collections. One for the people at Intrawest and one for the people of Haiti.
So as we watch our health care cuts
and our city hall cuts and the homeless in the DTES and canceled surgeries, and sit in grid lock and go to work at night because God forbid that you might inconvenience an olypdick official by going to work, and all of the other sacrafices that you must make to make these games work , remember that somewhere someone is sitting in a luxury box with fine wine and spectacular food watching the best skater in the world.
Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy


Norman Farrell said...

My comments at Northern Insights on this subject include:

The demand for payment reminds me of the "phony invoice" scam that has been around small business forever. Shysters send out thousand of demands for payment, perhaps for "directory" advertising. They know most will go in the garbage but, if one person in 20 responds, the payoffs add up because of volume of the original mailing.

Maybe that's the approach of COC. At $5,000 each, it wouldn't take many responses to provide a healthy return.