Saturday, January 23, 2010

Don't Believe Everything You Read

Scare Canada is running full page color ads in newspapers these days.

The ads show a plane brightly festooned in PC green and Olympic doodlings.

It's a happy aircraft.

The body of the ad is 13 "quotes" ( I must put quotes around the quotes because we have no idea if they made this up or they really are quotes from the Handful of the Happy.)

The "quotes" are all from deliriously satisfied Scare Canada flyers.


Is this your experience?

It is not mine.

I find their routing and timing for departures and arrivals consistently inconvenient, their telephone, desk and in flight service people consistently arrogant, superior and bored, and their prices ranging from incomprehensible to simply expensive.

But aside from all that they are wonderful.

So wonderful that my last five trips within Canada have been on WestJet and my next trip overseas is with British Airways.

Please comment.

You like Air Canada? You love Air Canada? You heart Air Canada?



Anonymous said...

Air Canada's slogan:

"We're Not Happy, 'Til You're Not Happy"!

I do not heart Air Canada.


Norman Farrell said...

You flew Air Canada? So did I, in 1983.

A friend worked in their complaints section for years. Her stories always kept dinner guests well entertained.

Anonymous said...

Last September a flight from Montreal to Vancouver on Scare Canada. We arrived at the airport early so did our check in so as not to have to push bags around the airport for 5 hours prior to departure.

After the usual cramped and unfriendly flight we arrived only to find that our bags had been rifled through in the 5 hour wait time and my camera, my wife's laptop and her jewelery were missing . .

After 2 hours talking to an English definitely as a second language call center office in Bombay India we hung up in frustration . . .

Three weeks later we receive Air Canada's answer. We are not responsible due to the fact that after we accept care of your bags there are a multitude of chances for others to access them and therefore we are not responsible for them. End of story!

What a crock!

Vincent said...

Here is what a valid sample of clients had to say about Air Canada.

December 2009
Air Canada won four top honours in Business Traveler magazine’s “Best in Business Travel” annual reader survey, the most first place awards won by any airline:

Best Flight Attendants in North America
Best In-flight Services in North America
Best Airline North American Airline for Business Class Service
Best North American Airline for International Travel.
Air Canada voted “Best Airline in Canada” and “Best Airline in North America”, by the readers of Global Traveler magazine in its annual survey of business travelers.

December 2008

Air Canada was awarded three top honours in Business Traveler magazine’s “Best in Business Travel” award program:

Best In-flight Service in North America
Best Airline for Business Class Service in North America
Best North American Airline for International Travel

Readers of Executive Travel magazine voted Air Canada as their choice for the “Best Airline to Canada”.

February 2008

Air Canada's new Executive First Suites have been selected as one of the world's top ten business class seats by the prestigious U.K. newspaper, The Times, in its online edition.

Air Canada voted “Best Airline in North America” and “Best Air line in Canada” by the readers of the Global Traveler magazine.
Air Canada voted favourite airline by Canadian travel agents in the influential 2007 Agents' Choice Award survey conducted by Baxter Travel media.

June 2005
Air Canada was voted the “Best Airline in North America” in a recent Skytrax survey of more than 12 million air travellers worldwide.