Saturday, January 30, 2010

Do the Right Thing, Mr. Harper

Omar Khadr may or may not be a murder, a terrorist, and a sonofabitch who is mean to babies and dogs.

But what is the point of fighting and winning wars and skirmishes in the name of fairy-tale notions like democracy and freedom and justice if we abandon all such in the execution of the battle?

Now, the Supreme Court of Canada has clearly and cleanly thrown down the gauntlet to the Harper government, challenging Canada to bring Khadar back from the legal and moral black hole of Guantanamo Bay.

In a 9-0 ruling, the court effectively dared the Harper government to ignore its finding that Canada and the United States are violating Mr. Khadr's right to life, liberty and security under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

A government is expected to take action when the court rules it has violated some one's rights.

This is not a question of being kind to criminals.

It's all about the principle, stupid.


Anonymous said...

Fine, bring him back. But if we get this terrorist back we had better deal with him in a manner befitting a terrorist.

When a Canadian goes to war he must be protected even though he is fighting for our enemy.

What a pile of left wing crap.


unambig said...

We haven't abandoned any principles. The Americans are holding him. We know he joined the terrorists willingly. All that remains to be seen is how many millions he will win when he sues the fed on his return.

Evil Eye said...

This just proves that the Harper conservatives are racist as hell.

He was not Al Queda but fighting American forces with the Afghan Taliban and as far as I can see the war in Afghanistan has been a dismal failure and a waste of Canadian lives.

The American illegal (yes that's right, UK jurists are calling Bush's invasion of Iraq illegal) invasion of Iraq enabled the Taliban to gain a foothold and carry on.

History will look very poorly on the past decade of American involvement middle east affairs and the failure to liquidate El Queda.

As for Omar Khadr, bring him home and deal with him.

Anonymous said...

Harper a racist? No. Harper a right wing breath of fresh air? Yes.
Khadar curently a pow? Should be.
War in Afganistan a waste of Canadian lives? Without a doubt.
American retaliation for 911? Yes Yes Yes
Taliban not Al Quaida? Who cares.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. Omar and family arrive in Canada from Egypt to flee persecution, obtain Canadian citizenship/passports and then fly off to Afghanistan to support the Taliban Government. Why I don't know. The Taliban atrocities start. Western powers decide to turf the Taliban. Omar and family open fire on US soldiers on patrol. Omar survives because he is 'saved' by the very people he is trying to kill. So what do we have? Bleeding hearts versus hard hearts? Only God knows what goes on in the minds of the pinhead politicians in Ottawa. Now why the hell would anyone want to bring back this loser to Canada and the potential threat that he and his ilk have planned for the Islamic Jihad? Why not send him to Egypt his families first country. Gad but they have to see this as a really big joke in Egypt. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

Keith said...

Omar Khadr is born in Toronto, and is as much a citizen of Canada as the rest of you guys.
He is the responsibility of this country, not the U.S. or Egypt.

Evil Eye said...

Strange thing history. In the 80's, when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, the Taliban were great allies of the USA and our good friends to the South encouraged all Muslims (even children) to fight for the Taliban and supplied the Taliban with all sorts of modern weaponry.

Well a decade and a half later, the USA invades Afghanistan and what were once favoured allies were the greatest evil doers since Satan.

So tell me, where is the problem? If you train religious fanatics to fight, just be prepared id they decide to fight against you.

Anonymous said...

Keith,thanks for the correct country of origin.
If Omar was caught in a fire fight with US forces and they captured him why do we want him back. I dont see why his captors cant deal with him. We seem to be okay a variety of Canadians being held in American jails

Or are we such a strong democracy the each and every Canadian should be allowed to pick which country or whose army they choose to fight for.

If there is a price to pay to be a Canadian perhaps it is not to fight for our enemies. If you dont believe that we belong in tis war fighting against the Taliban then vote accordingly. 13

Lancaster said...

If only he was caught in a firefight with Canadian Forces... we can then try him for treason.