Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dream Final?

Sunday's men's final down under may present for the first time in living memory the prospect of two real court artists facing each other in a battle of speed and touch and sublime shot-making.

It's true that there have been many great and memorable moments in Grand Slam finals through the years.

When I first got hooked on the game, the rivalry of Borg and McEnroe was something special to behold. The Slugger and the Wizard. Borg was driving shot after shot as straight arrows while Johnny Mac was dipping and diving and massaging shots at hadn't previously been imagined.

But now...

Now, suddenly, we have Roger Federer and Andy Murray, the two deftest players in the game today. They are both faster than any two or three other players put together. They both can serve and volley as well as Stephan Edberg did in his prime and they both have hands apparently made of butter. In one instance in yesterday's victory over Milan Cilic, Murray actually looked exactly like McEnroe on a touch volley four feet from the net. He barely bent his knees at all (as we are all yelled at to do by our teachers), simply dropped his racquet to the floor and let the ball ping up and across the net for a sure winner. Pure McEnroe.

This may or may not be a great final. But it should be.

If both men can forget their nerves and fight like the dogs that they truly are, if Murray can get past his intimidation by Federer, if Fed can push past his own too-often too-cool and growl, we may have one of the best face-offs in a long, long time.

Who will win?

Search me.

Federer, the number one player in the world and the holder of more singles slams than anyone else in history has played flowing flawless tennis these past two weeks in Melbourne. He'll be the favorite.

But make no mistake.

Andy Murray is primed to take this one. He could do it.

Let's get serious. Super Bowl 44 isn't until next week, no one will be watching the strangley timed Pro Bowl, and this choice tennis match may be one for the ages.

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David,did you stay up to watch? To late for me.