Monday, January 11, 2010

Guest Blogger, Victor, Takes on Sammy Kahn

Two questions come to mind as the notion that Canada's airports should
hire elite investigative observers instead of investing in scanning
technology gains momentum.

First, where would we find these people? After all, we're told by the
same media critics that the RCMP is hopelessly corrupt, our military
is in collusion with dark forces among the Afghanistan government and
CSIS was manipulated by Homeland Security in the Mahar Harar affair.
So if we are so hapless in creating competent, corruption free
investigative agencies, what makes us think we can do it in this case?

Second, will the Elite Investigative Observers spend equal time
peering into the eyes and smelling the sweat of all passengers?
Remember, this is multi-culty Canada and if these security officers
spend a nano second more peering into the eyes of a turbaned passenger
than they do checking out the 60 year old white Anglican grandmother,
the CBC and the usual quote monkeys from the Civil Liberties industry
will go into full dudgeon.

The whole concept of Canada creating an effective corps of Elite
Investigative Observers is in keeping with our propensity to wallow in
our own fables. Which prompts a song:


Transport Canada trained some guys
Ei Ei O
To rudely peer in travelers' eyes
Ei Ei O
With a stare stare here
And a leer leer there
Here a stare there a leer
Equal leering have no fear
Transport Canada trained some guys
Ei Ei O (shit)

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Anonymous said...

That is fricking hilarious!
Thanks, David!