Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not to be Obsessive, But...

And the National Post carried this thorough examination of the wrong-headed airport security games:


Anonymous said...

David, these 3 blogs make a very strong case for using the Isreali method od securing an airport.

One line that I read was also right on. We North Americans have not suffered enough yet understand that
political correctness is dangerous. Profiling is effective.

I sure hope and pray that the olymdicks do not give us any reasons to examine our stupidity.

Without the political will to change we are at the mercy of terrorists.


Jeff Taylor said...

One of the most important points in the Post article was the screening of the airport security personal. There was a high-level employee working at Pearson International Airport here in Ontario that was fired after he questioned Canadian airport security. As for profiling 'certain' people at Canada's various airports, I just don't see that happening. If it was ever tried, you'd have every bleeding-heart Liberal Canada wide setting their hair on fire. Hurts feelings first, safety second.

diverdarren said...

There has been a lot of talk about the Israeli style of security at their airports compared to the style of security in the U.S. But all this talk never seems to mention that Ben Gurion handles 6 million less passengers per year than little old Vancouver International, to say nothing about the passenger numbers at some of the big boy airports: Chicago, Houston, Newark, ect. We rely on the technology because there is no way to examin every passenger as the Israelis do. And whats wrong with the way the U.S. screens passengers? Since 9/11 how many terrorists have gotten through U.S. security and onto a plane? Zero. And don't forget on 9/10 you could take a box cutter on a plane. These terrorists have gotten onto planes in France (shoe bomber)and Amsterdam via Ghana (underwear bomber). It's these other country's airport security that needs to be looked at, not the U.S.