Saturday, January 16, 2010

Humpty Dumpty at the Helm

I was wondering this morning...

What if my children were still little?

How could I explain to them - without causing nightmares - that the world is quite mad, that much is upside down and hanging by a thread from the ceiling, that illusion rules the day, the official story is almost always a lie.

Not a great world vision is it?

But listen to today's evidence.

“I think what the Conservatives ought to be doing now is funding harm-reduction strategies instead of paying for more lawyers. They should accept that harm-reduction strategies are an essential part of any substance-abuse strategy and should not appeal this further.”

Michael Ignatieff.

“With this second consecutive decision in favour of Insite, I hope the federal government will drop its legal efforts so that we can go back to focusing on Insite for what it is – a harm reduction facility that saves lives and improves health outcomes for those living with addictions."

Gregor Robertson.

Here's the problem.

These two great Canadian leaders actually believe what they are saying.

They are wrong and mistaken and all the real evidence completely contradicts their sentiments, but this is now hook, line and sinker, the official story.

This is what everyone is being badgered into believing.

Yes, here's the good news, kinder.

98% of all the people with whom I have ever spoken on the radio, in print, on the Internet and in public know that this story is a sham, an emperor's new clothes if there ever was one.

The photo says it all.

This is our enlightened strategy.

A kit to keep stupid.

Show me the lives saved.

You can't.

Did I mention that our leaders actually believe this myth?

Certainly we have learned over the ages that if you mutter a phrase long enough and often enough, it does have a hypnotic effect and, over time, seems to bring on its own meaning.

Well, Michael and Gregor and all the clever people in charge of things, try this little mantra on for size....

real treatment real treatment real treatment real treatment real treatment real treatment real treatment real treatment


Gerry Verrier said...

Here's an interesting tidbit of anecdotal information.

In a class of about 30 people attending an addictions seminar I teach, I asked how many of the participants knew someone who was currently or in the past involved with a methadone program.

9 people raised their hands.

I asked of those 9 people if they knew whether or not those people who were on methadone were abusing other drugs at the same time.

All 9 people raised their hands.

I then asked of those 9 people if any of those folks they knew to be on methadone were breaking the law to be able to buy the drugs they were abusing.

Guess what?

All 9 raised their hands.

Why is this slice of reality not the same slice of reality presented by the harm reductionists? I'll leave it to you to figure out why.

Anonymous said...

David, I know that you have spent lots of time and effort on addiction issues. I have seen a number of family members and friends suffer and die because of drug and or alcohol abuse.

What seemed to work to save one family member was the treatment from the Union Gospel Mission. All though this person died from complications of a life of drug abuse they at least died in a sober state of mind.

I have no idea how qualified the leader of the federal liberal party is to recommend treatment but having watched Vancouvers idiot mayor for thew past few years I would not allow this moron to place a band aid on a scraped knee. I have never seen a less qualified individual to give advice to anyone in all of my life. Robertson is the poster child for what is wrong with all of todays society.
political correctness

This man is a waste of skin


Dave C. said...


Perhaps your rallying call should be to change the name from "harm-reduction programs" to "addiction-enabling programs"? At least we'd have truth in advertising.

Dave C.

Gary L. said...

"Did I mention that our leaders actually believe this myth"?
But do they David? Do they really?
Or do they give it as much critical thinking, and thought as a dung beatle deciding what to have for lunch?


Anonymous said...

since there is a correlation between suicides and drug use, it would be useful to know if the suicide rate has increased since Insite was opened.