Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sleep Well

The RCMP, the army and the police will all be here.

This invasion alone will number over 15,000 real people.

And speaking of numbers...almost one Billion Dollars to pay for these good folks.

And when it's all tallied up, will we be assured of the illusive goal called 'security.'


Meanwhile back in Quebec and other places east of here, what fun the crooks will behaving.

Oh, well.

Maybe this will all be a good exercise in preparation for something more dreadful than the U.S. winning the hockey.

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Anonymous said...

This is related, I'm sure, to the huge expense of the 2010 Olympics. We went to the West Point Grey Library this morning and were told that this branch (and a number of others) will have their hours reduced. Point Grey's reduction (the most of all the libraries we were told) is 9 hours. They asked that we please fill in a survey to assist the library in "determining which hours best meet the community's needs". This is specific to the Point Grey branch, there are surveys for the other branches as well.

I know that they previously attempted to shut down this library and because there was a hue and cry from us folks the neighbourhood the library remained open. I wouldn't be at all surprised if this was tried again. Filling out the survey will let 'them' know that we are actively supporting our library.