Sunday, February 7, 2010

Opinions not Wanted in Games Canada

An American reporter, who doesn't like The Games, has been turned back and not allowed into Canada by Canadian customs.

We have no information that this man is dangerous or violent or disruptive in any way.

But he does have an opinion.

Shame on him.

Can't he just buckle down and sing, "I believe?"


Anonymous said...

It would be a good idea if Vanoc /IOC were to publish a list of all anti olympdick scum bags. We seem to accept Nazi war criminals. Dictators. We suck up to all kinds of disgusting world leaders because they might buy a bushel or two of wheat.

As we give up one right /freedom after another in order to support these games I believe that sooner or later the majority of people from the lower mainland will learn that the corporations that sponsored these games are owed a debt of gratitude.
So in order to say thank you please act accordingly.

Ive always drank Coke but Im going to buy Pepsi from now on. I will make it my goal to spend money and use the services of companies that did not participate in in a party that caters to the elite of the planet.

So someone can publish a list of olympic sponsors and we can add them to the list of companies willing to advertise on the Squamish Nations eyesores.

Evil Eye said...

This event proves two things:

1) Canada is not a free and open society.

2) Canada is not a democracy.

What Canada is a not so benign autocracy, bordering on being a Fascist Corporatist state.

So sad that the elites of this country do not recognize this. What is even sadder many of the elites of this country support this.

Shame on the Harper Government and the minister who is in charge of boarder services.

If Harpo does ever get a majority, our freedoms or what we have left of them will disappear.

Anonymous said...

Eye...what makes you think the elites don't recognize this...and fully support it?! It's not like they're going to hurt when the shoe falls - or so they think.

I'm thinkin' that it's not so bad not owning much of anything - I have a whole lot less to lose. And I know how to do a great deal more with a lot less.

It will be an interesting time in history watching the elites try to figure out how to make ends meet, when there's no ends in sight. It'll be the first good giggle I've had in years...and I admit, I will enjoy it!